View of the Campus Palmas Altas, the headquarters of Abengoa, from inside. The gardens in the foreground, together with a metal grille fence, behind which is one of the glass buildings of the centre.


Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors.

Our commitment

Panorama of the PS20 plant of the Solúcar Platform: Heliostats and tower on a sunny day.

Climate change is a reality. We are therefore committed to finding solutions and putting them into practice.


Globe of the world in the foreground, out of focus, in black and white.

We are developing a global business with a local perspective on five continents.

Abengoa figures

  • A fecha de 30 de septiembre de 2017
  • 1.100M€ sales
  • 69M€ EBITDA
  • 13.471employees
  • 4.733M€ net income
  • 90 %of revenues coming from outside of Spain
  • At the close of 2016
  • 1.510M€ ventas
  • (241) M€ EBITDA
  • 15.983 employees
  • (7.629)M€ net income
  • 86%of revenues coming from outside of Spain

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