Responsibilidad Social Corporativa

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Plan of Corporate Social Responsability

Defines the framework and guidelines to be followed by the company in the realm of CSR through a series of initiatives that allow integrating stakeholder expectations into company strategy, identifying specific objectives and devising specific short-, medium- and long-term initiatives aimed at meeting these objectives.

Responsible Procurement System

We evaluate our suppliers on the basis of sustainability criteria in order to promote responsible practices along our supply chain

CSR Risk Management in company installations

Abengoa analyzes the CSR related risks of its installations in order to optimize internal control and maintain a low level of risk at each one of its facilities

PE&C social development program

We seek the growth of the communities where we operate through the PE&C (People, Education and Communities. Committed with social development.

Five Sustainable Ideas for Changing de World

Substitute fossil energy sources for renewables: essential to the present and future development of Humanity.

Use water efficiently and increase available reserves in order to ensure human life and activity on our planet.

Recycle waste in order to alleviate the pressure exerted upon raw materials and limited resources.

Boost sustainable mobility by using biofuels instead of conventional fuels in order to lower emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Promote efficient production and responsible use of resources in order to make sure they are available and accessible to a growing number of people.

Oil extraction machine Set of solar panels Earth in process of desertification Water Heaped-up scrap metal Tubes of recycled aluminum Exhaust pipe Piled-up straw following grain harvesting Truck driving along a highway Baskets of apples from the local market


Please rate Abengoa’s CSR policy on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being in no way aligned with the company’s mission and 5 fully aligned.

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