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Abengoa is awarded a new desalination plant in Tunisia

December 26, 2017

  • The project includes the design, construction, commissioning and operating of the plant during a period of three months.
  • The plant will produce 50,000 cubic meters of desalinated water each day, and will allow for the capacity to double.
  • This is the first project to be undertaken by Abengoa in Tunisia

December 26, 2017 – Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, in consortium with the Tunisian company Engineering Procurement & Project Management (EPPM), has been selected by The National Water Management and Distribution Company (SONEDE) under the Tunisian Ministry for Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries to develop a desalination project south of the city of Soussa (Tunisia). The contract has been awarded for the amount of €40 million.

Abengoa and EPPM will be responsible for the design, construction, the commissioning and operating during a period of three months of the desalination plant which will have a 50,000 m3/day production capacity. In addition, the project envisages further expansion which would allow up to 100,000 m3/day being produced, thereby doubling its original capacity. For this to take place, the plant to be developed by Abengoa will have the civil infrastructures and necessary installations for a future expansion project.

The Soussa desalination plant will produce drinking water from seawater which will be taken from the cooling water channel of the Sidi Abdelhamid electric power plant at Soussa of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG). The water will undergo a double filtration-stage pre-treatment process and two reverse osmosis trains, each holding 25 million liters of water.

This project falls within the set of actions that has been implemented by the government of Tunisia for the promotion and development of non-conventional water resources, such as desalination, and is aimed at solving problems of scarcity and improving water quality, as well as supplying the growing demand in major tourist destinations. The shortage of rainfall in recent years has given this project emergency status and calls for a very short execution period, so that final commissioning can take place prior to the 2019 summer period, as this is when the drinking water demand peaks. 

This new contract helps to consolidate Abengoa as a key player in the desalination sector globally with a total installed capacity of 1.5 million m3/day, to which three further contracts that have been awarded this year can be added, namely the construction of a 113.650 m3/day desalination plant in Salalah, in the southern area of Oman, another one for ACWA Power in Shuaibah, with a 250,000 m3/day capacity, and the Agadir Chtouka desalination plant in Morocco that will produce 275,000 m3/day.

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Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P: SM) is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors.

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